From Beginner to Expert

Hello, Ninth Grade class.

My name is Mrs. Sminkey and I will be your Advisor and first person of contact during the 2017-2018 school year. I chose the quote above because right now, in the beginning of the semester, I would like all of you to acknowledge that you are beginners. This means that it may take you some time to grasp a subject, content and or material. Also, because of this, you may have to study and even practice what is being taught. If you're patient during this time, the skills that you have used which include studying, practicing and communicating with your Advisor and Teachers in regard to which areas you are struggling, will ultimately aid in shaping you into an intellectually mature person. 

Remember Experts are just people who have practiced a skill to a point in which they are able to provide unrestricted explanations of what they have learned.