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End of The Year Game Plan

Picture of Jackie Brodsky (CCIU Staff)
End of The Year Game Plan
by Jackie Brodsky (CCIU Staff) - Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 9:12 AM

Dear Students,
We are well into the fourth quarter and the school year is quickly coming to a close. If you are concerned about finishing all your work before the June 5th 4PM deadline, please contact your teacher as soon as possible to make a game plan to pass your classes. 
Here are some key points and things to remember:

- Not all assignments are created equal! Some are worth more than others and if you don’t know which ones will help the most, talk to your teacher.
- In Partnership classes, a half credit class is based on 1000 points and a full credit class is based on 2000 points.
-We can open all assignments in your OdysseyWare classes, but you will need to ask your teacher. Opening all assignments will allow you to tackle those that give you the best chance of passing in the time that is left. Finishing as many of these assignments as possible will greatly improve your grade.
- In OdysseyWare classes lessons, projects, quizzes, and tests are all worth 25% of your grade. This means some assignments are worth more than others.
- If you are enrolled in a class that has a Part A, that means you probably need to complete Part B as well this year.
- It is important to try every assignment! All unattempted assignments will be graded as a zero at the end of the year.  

Please contact your teachers or come to the Virtual Office with any questions! When you run a race, you stop after you have crossed the finish line, not before - keep on running!
Best of luck young scholars,
The BVA Team
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